5 Batsman who hit Third 100 of IPL 2018

Ambati Rayudu – After being promoted to open, he demonstrated his true capacity. Ambati Rayudu has scored the most rounds of IPL 2018 and having the Orange cap. So there is no doubt that he can hit the third 100 of the IPL 2018.

AB de Villiers – Ab is one of the most beloved cricketers in the world. He is known as Mr. 360 just because of the beat style. But in this IPL 2018 AB did not deliver after his name. So he will want to give his fans a joy by hitting 100.

Lokesh Rahul – After joining Punjab, KL Rahul left each body in shock by hitting it. In his IPL 2018 he is Scored Fastest 50 on 14 balls. KL Rahul is in good shape and can convert this form to 100.

Ms. Dhoni – In this IPL, Dhoni reversed the time. he plays exactly as he is used to playing in his early career. He hits the ball very easily. So we can see 100 bat.

Surya kumar yadav – He did not open the IPL half before IPL 2018. But after being an opener, he scored a lot of races. He plays in a very different way. It can also have the ability to mark the third 100 of the IPL 2018.

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